Inauguration shows "Be in the present, so do the story!" by Francesco Russo.

Spazio Raw, Milan, 10 december 2015

Be in the present: so do the story!

May 2015, Cisternino (Brindisi), Italy

My creative research focuses on identity insights, revealing itself through the expressive and evocative mirror, manifesting itself along a pictorial art pathway in painting.
The art of new visions has now come to a crucial, decisive moment when he has freed himself from intellectually endearing to himself, giving an important contribution to the social universe, developing our civilization, along with the contributions of the essayists And philosophers, poets and scientists, physicists, researchers, and various experimenters. World globalization has allowed a meeting of cultures, allowing a historical and cultural unification that unites the knowledge of the West and reaches that of the Orient.
The new world represents the concreteness and abstractness of the "new time" that we are experiencing.
Technology and computing also gave new facets to identity. The web, for example, has given rise to new identities, to falsify their particular identity, to reinvent themselves, to make themselves invisible.
but invisibility can open the revelation of a high Self, a subtle self, which reveals in my works from the center "I Am" .
These new identities, even with the virtual, characterize a personal and collective pathway that sees the passage "from a truth about itself to another truth about a higher collective self.
Who is really the man? Where does our civilization look? where you go?
Queries that have always affected both scholars, artists and literate, as well as eclectic spirits and researchers.
A good mirror of all this identity transformation is the art I seek in my three expressive cycles, through the sensibility of the three different languages ​​but of pure advancement in the expressive vanguard.
My artistic research path is at its core thanks to a process of cleansing, eliminating the superfluous, as well as meditation searching for the void, the silence through the annulment of the activity of thoughts.
n the center ... in the Self lies the last truth, the invisible where it awakens and identifies itself with the infinite joy that resides in us.
I use exalted colors, fluent or harmonic, or strident in opposites. I use to emphasize, musically exalting, the power in itself of color, geometry, and forms.

I The three cycles are:
1) In the minimal language, I reveal the invisible by eliminating uselessness, memory, sentimentalism, self-speculation, attachments, thus reaching the center, "to the self are, to the Self."
I emphasize the "indigenous forms", the "thought forms" or the "sky-earth" combination, using a geometric-symmetric language, using symbols such as the circle element representing the exhaustion of all The religions, the globality of the psyche, the conscience and the unconscious, our constituent part, which expresses the self, consciousness.
The center, the self, the search for the self, as the Western C. G. Jung reveals in his essays through knowledge from the Orient, is seeking harmony. The circle, or solar wheel, represents the spiritual order.
In the square reveals reality, matter, the concreteness of equilibrium, the stable rationality that goes to the search for perfection, interdependent forms that make us develop the intuition of a truth in the invisible.
2) Through the works of "flash portraits", I perceive the individual self and personality in the physiognomic nature of beauty, physicality and expressive modesty of the body, and hence in the earthly duality and within the changing physicality of the bodily being.
3) The last works of late 2014 and beginning of 2015, the third and last cycle, are organic works, where I use various natural materials such as skulls, bones, shells, leaves, objects of the manifest world: "the ultimate end", "I Are food of the universe "," organic composition "etc ...
All my experience reflects on the work I create today; In the installations , composed as a story through the three cycle languages : so the three cycles become the interdependence of three totally personal and linguistic moments: the geometric motifs in the “I Am” , the invisible, the subtle and the personalities in the “flash portraits” , while in the “organic" the law of matter.
In the whole, they represent a signal, an objective message, the ultimate experience and ultimate purpose of being, in a true and earthly identity that lives in the collective of today.
In the installations, with the works of my three cycles, I try to awaken a question, as well as trying to transmit to the observer a certain subtle order, acting in the psyche and elevation, in order to a natural process of liberation ... nell 'self-healing.

Francesco Paramananda Russo.

"Be in the present: so do the story!"
Exhibition by Francesco Russo

Video by Maria Balderi

in Spazio Raw, Francesco Russo (Caltagirone, Italy ‘46,) Exhibits, in about thirty works, three pictorial cycles on the identity symbolizing the completion of his artistic journey: "Who are we? Where we come from! And where we are going!".
After several experiences carried out between India, Milan, New York, France and Puglia, where she lives and works today, she develops her research -
Practice in a minimal and joyful style.

The first series is manifested with both abstract and portraits, canvas oils made with mixed technique, with the addition of fluorescent pigments. Musicality, rhythm and harmony, given the color and shape of the geometry, makes the joyful works, "Therapeutics, able to link the observer to the true meaning of life, to the natural and true play of life-existence, Explains Francesco Russo - the true nature of being. " The astronomers also respond to the question "From where we come": remembering in the aesthetic sense Mandala (I am), literally a "circle of hymns", reach the most intimate, deep man's center.
As for the portraits, the artist paints, with minimalist lines, common characters as well as known as singers, scientists or historical personalities.
The latest series is made up of organic compositions always elaborated with mixed techniques: vegetable leaves, sea shells, mirrors, bones, human skulls or animals, for example, crocodile, rabbit or goat. From Shakespearean, amethyst, the observer reflecting in the mirror will look beyond his own image, representing being, even being not ... this to look in his own completeness. Geometric, also starting from a center, "I am", present the "ultimate end" and "Food of the universe" in organic works.

by Valentina Cavera