FRANCESCO RUSSO - cell. +39-328-6633876.
Born in Caltagirone Ct. Sicily (Italy)  1946 from Greek mother and Italian father.
Lives and works in Cisternino, Italy
Represented by Belgian Gallery Annette de Keyser in Antwerp

Lives and works in Cisternino, Italy

1946 - Born in Caltagiron, Sicily.
1964 - Lives and works in Savilly, France.
1966 - Assistant of Francesco Messina, Accademia di Brera, Milan.
1967 - Assistant of Marino Marini, Accademia di Brera, Milan.
1969 - Museo d'Arte Moderna Pagani, Legnano. Il Grattacielo Art Gallery, Milan. Art Gallery of the cultural club Il Melograno, Milan.
1971 - Arte Nuova G. Negri Art Gallery, Milan. Alexander Iolas Gallery, Paris. Alexander Iolas Gallery, New York.
1973 - Alexander Iolas Gallery, Milan.
1974 - Il Gotico Gallery, Piacenza.
1977 - Nature & Symbol, Anni di Gennaro Gallery, Milan.
1978 - Seeds, Bonaparte Gallery, Milan.
1979 - Maggiore Gallery, Bologna.
1981 - Seeds & Leaf, Alexander Iolas Gallery, New York.
1982 - Construction of a temple decorated with sculptures in Northern India (U.P.).
1987 - Seeds & Symbols, Anni di Gennaro Gallery, New York.
1990 - Bonaparte Gallery, Milan.
1992 - La Nassa Gallery, Lecco Works as a sculptor on the new theatre of the Goetheanum, Dornak/Basel.
1993 - Portici Gallery, Locarno. Marble sculptures for the Center of Unity, Brienz (CH).
1994 - Palazzo della Provincia, Asti.
1996 - Scenography and sacred sculptures for the film Nirvana by Gabriele Salvatore. Tantric shapes, Gallery of the Indian cultural club Sneh Sadan, Milan.
1997 - Arte ceramica, Scuderia del Palazzo Reale, Naples.
1998 - Arie Mediterranee Nuida Karamik, Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm.
2000 - Keys for the new Millennium, Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium). Liste 2000, Basel (CH).
2001 - "Eight Sculptors", Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp.
2002 - "Art Athina", Athens.
2003 - "Upgrade your Mind", Installation (Sculptures, light and sound). Discoteca Mavù - Locorotondo - Puglia. "Artissima", Turin.
2004 - "Art Rotterdam", Rotterdam.
2005 - "Colors!" (with Vincent Geyskens, Nils Erik Jerdevik, Marielle Soons, Berend Strik), Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp. "Conflict & Tensions / I Am" Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp.
2006 - Envoy Gallery, New York (USA).
2007 - Resonance, with Marie Soons, Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp. Slick Art Fair, Paris Hanuman Murti, Chillianola Ashram Raniket, Uttar Pradesh, India.
2008 - "Art Amsterdam", Amsterdam. Slick Art Fair, Paris.
2010 - "Blue, Bluer, Orange Blues" (with Tom Friedman, Clint Jukkala, a.o.), Envoy Enterprises, New York.
2011 - "Object & Drawings" (with Oliviero Rainaldi, Manfredu Schu, Ad De Jong, Fia Cielen, Eva De Leener), Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp.
2012 - "Unità", Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp.
2013 - "20 Years for a better World", Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp. Expo Art 2013, Bari.
2015 - "Essere nel presente, così si fa la storia", Spazio Raw Gallery, Milan.
2016 - "Inno alla Pietra", Monument of steel stone on traffic ruondabout, Cisternino.
2017 - "Io Sono, Eterna Gloria", Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp. 23 June-4 August "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu" Envoy Enterprises Gallery, New York.