Painting and Sculpture Art Workshops

Art as an expression and revelation of one's own creativity
Art as spiritual practice in the connection of one's own Self
Art as a search for content and aesthetic
Art as artisan-expressive skill
Art as an expression of the Soul
Art as a connection and revelation of the unconscious
Art in the vision of the new world
Art as harmony in beauty
Art as liberation and self-healing
Art as a connection with high dimensions
Art from transpersonal to personal expressions
Art as a search for one's own mission
Art as a mirror of ourselves

In Area 108, Shiva Garden !!! Contrada Fantese Cisternino in the Itria valley will host art workshops for the realization of  painting and sculpture work going through all the design and execution phases held by the artist Francesco Paramananda Russo. The seminars will be based on the whole creative process in its complete phases, from the inspiration to the sketch / idea, to be created with the most appropriate material. Various materials will be provided as; white and red clay, limestone, tufa, white Carrara marble and for painting; canvases, various types of cardboard, with various types of colors and techniques, Workshops will be formed by groups of 3 people, with opportunity of one to one coaching, for personal or professional use.
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