Art is Culture, Culture is Knowledge, Knowledge is Light, Light is Truth

I Am, Eternal Joy, 2016

Francesco Paramananda Russo, portraitist, painter and sculptor, has set up a new staff titled "I Am Eternal Joy", a representation of a New World Art, in which the artist believes. And that is the constant pursuit of Art for ever, how to read and see the world itself. Of course, Russia has a leading training in this field that brings echoes of names like Francesco Messina and Marino Marini. The New Production is thus defined in the presentation: "The most recent paintings by Francesco Russo are more than ever vibrant: this vibration is not due both to the colors and to the spiritual content that they offer very generously.As a consequence of a long process from ' Purifying effect, each of them is the obvious demonstration of the moment when research has made room for discovery and where duality has become unity and concentration. What makes the paintings of generous Francesco Russo is that they are not just a moment In the mental path of the artist, but make their energy have an effect that continues in the mind of the observer. " His latest works, as the author says, have a beneficial visual and auditory effect with their geometric composition that always develops from a center; Creating a strong effect of order, peace, joy, touch and care for the soul, leaving a sense of positivity and completeness. It's just New World's works that are going to show up! So the artist says. And again, in his words: "Art reveals, exalts, raises, raises, and thanks, marks civilization, reveals it in the culture of time!" It gives answer to the eternal debate, still very recent, if Art still serves and what. Even to improve the human landscape at times, as the artist obtains with the sculptural work "Inno Alla Pietra", installed inside the rondò on S.P.16 near Cisternino. If signs and symbols rule the world, no laws and words, - as the Russian still emphasizes - when he chooses to make an image, he wants to give a benefit by connecting the observer to his own! Finally, the undisputed utility of art. How to say, too, ... "You were not supposed to live like brutes" ... Exposed in Annette De Keyser's gallery in Antwerp.

Cisternino 2010

I entered in a new circle of my research, a time comparison between my pure line, syntetic universal symbolism, and a descriptive section that draws faces, the physionomy of the people.
Sign - conscious gestures - all the way I express myself artistically, from sculpture to painting. The sign belongs to me.
In the complex World of beign common, ordinary physical appareance, i intend to take this energy, the soul in its expression, the essence of physionomy of the individual self.
I intend to see me and encouraging people to look through the portrait. The event "portrait": watching inside the individual to make a click or a photograph inside.
Giving an address to see each other deeply - who sees himself sees everything and everyone.
The encounter leads to a self search... reflections of a set of faces, a series of signs that i take in varous ways and at different times... mimicking the effects of time...
Being converted in the body revealed by the signs of the face.
The characters that i portray alla have a highly unusual arrangement for a subtle sort of karmic resonant empathy i choose, I love to repeat them, anc more and more i reveal the expression of one variable in the oneness of the human soul as part the whole of humanity.
The mind of the observer defines in its own way, interprets mental visions and project, free of ghosts, turning to self-realization.

Savilly, April 1999

The titles of sculptures and watercolour-drawings completed in 1998-99 have the following titles: Ida-Pingala (energy flowing within our body, masculine-feminine aspects), Kundalini Shakti (vedic term for life force, Ecce Homo (this is man), Stems of Unity, and Lingam Yoni (masculine-feminine symbolism).
Our physical aspects are dealt with (the subtle and gross materials), in open dialogue with knowledge of ourselves and of processes tha live within us.
The observer can interact with the work displayed to him, reflecting his Self and the confrontation with the corporeal state of the sculpture, since the sculpture is of actual human size. With the knowledge of the Self we can understand All (concept of micro-macro, small belonging to the whole).
As Paul Klee one said: <<"The Artist" role lies not so much in the re-production of what is visible to us, but in making what is invisible visible>>. Paul Klee's words are in line with my point of view.
I would like to quote words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi: "If Art doesn't elevate the Self, it is useless".
There is such clarity in the above quotes from Klee and Gandhi, both of whom gained enlightenment and self-realisation, and it leads us to carry out a search, so complete and profound in man's existence, dealing with global issues, both culturally and existentially.
It is vital to regain that consciusness of ourselves, in body and spirit, both from a human point of view and scientifically.
In this way a contemporary renaissance can awaken, wich unites different cultures and scientific discoveries, working towards the advancement of modern Man, breaking free from cultural and continental distinctions, overcoming barriers of body and mind, with the re-appropriation of all knowledge, of all eras, a "cultural and social reality today".
The search for truth can lead us to reap the benefits of culture that belonog to all beings, re-integrating us into the Unity of human culture, being One belonging All, in love's psycho-physiological communion, all in One's Unity, belonging to man and the world.
In the course of my work, i deal with issues wich enquire into the sense of existentialism in living.
The meaning, the role, the evolutionary-historical existence and continuity can confirm the sense of completeness art gives to contemporary man.
We are enriched by historical-cultural examples and the moral support of Truths and affirmations revealed by great men, figures inspired by the benefits of cultural historical aspects, by beauty and harmony... As Plato one said: "anythings beautiful, and beauty itself, gives ways to goodness".
This is the sense I give to the art I create, with the cultural responsability of an inspired artist.
Today, I work with a tendency towards a contemporaneity in this area of research, conscius of the fact that art is a social-enrichment overcoming the limitations of tiime, overpowering us with a complete picture and vision.
Harmony and Beauty, these are eternal values taht may vary in time, as do languages and points of view, while searching for that balance, a link between western culture, based primarily on action, science and rationality and oriental culture, tending more towards intuition, contemplation and devotion.